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Helminthic Therapy > Providers

A list of known Helminthic Therapy Providers.


Coronado Biosciences (USA)

Coronado Biosciences (CNDO) is currently doing trials of TSO (Trichuris suis ova) all over the USA. Their website is Here's a lit of the trial locations: This is the Facebook page for the trials:

You can also purchase TSO here:

Biome Restoration(USA/UK)

We are constantly searching for a body biomic that has a higher benefit-to-cost ratio than any currently available body biomic. At present, the body biomic we produce is called HDC (Hymenolepis diminuta cystercercoid).

Worm Therapy (San Diego/Mexico)

Provides a range of therapeutic options (including hookworm and HDC). You must travel to Mexico for treatment, and the therapy is started and overseen by a medical doctor. Prices start around US$2500.

Autoimmune Therapies (UK)

Jasper Lawrence founded AIT in 2007 and provides both hookworm and whipworm. Prices start around US$2900. Ships anywhere in the world so long as the country's distribution networks are efficient (including USA -- see AIT Facebook post). The practice moved to the UK due to United States FDA laws.

Instituto De Terapias Alternativas Autoinmunes (Mexico)

This appears to be the home page of Jorge A. Llamas M.D. who worked for AIT (2007-2008) and is now a partner with Worm Therapy (see Worm Therapy, Mexico, see below).

Ovamed (Germany)

A provider of pig whipworm eggs in Germany.

You can buy TSO (Trichuris suis ova) here:

Dr. Joel Weinstock, currently of Tufts University, did pioneering work that helped establish the efficacy of Ovamed's pig whipworm product. Ovamed is a much larger organization than any of the other helminthic therapy providers on this page, and closer to the medical establishment. Because of this fact, and because of published research studies by Dr. Weinstock, some physicians feel more comfortable recommending Ovamed's products.

Ovamed currently ships to the United States but has had occasional problems getting their products through customs. The current status of Ovamed's shipping issues are not known.

Because pig whipworms do not survive long in human hosts, patients using Ovamed products for helminthic therapy most redose fairly often, with every two weeks being a frequently mentioned interval. This need to redose and the fairly high prices that Ovamed charges for their product makes their therapy much more expensive than therapy with human hookworm or human whipworm.


Will ship a dose of 25 necator americanus hookworms worldwide (except USA) for $200.

Other providers

  • Worm Friends - Providers of hookworm larvae in Australia. 20 hookworm larvae are provided for $750. Currently not shipping, due to issues with their facilities.
  • BioTherapeutics, Education and Research Foundation has expressed an interest in Helminth Therapy. They currently have two organisms approved by the FDA as "medical devices", and currently provide biologicals to the medical industry for very reasonable prices. Although they are not providing helminths at this time, they are currently researching the possibility of becoming a provider. Their nascent web page on helminth therapy is here. They hope to run a clinical trial on helminth therapy in the near future.
  • DIY helminth therapy - Because of the high cost of helminthic therapy at the current time, independent groups of users are researching providing their own helminth therapy (principally hookworm). This is just getting started but this website is dedicated to documenting efforts of users to provide their own therapy at low cost. See the DIY Helminthic Therapy page.
  • Yahoo Hookworm donors group This international group started in January 2013 and came about because a few Australians were seeking donation of Necator Americanus, eggs or larvae (L3s) and found some willing donors. We needed a platform to discuss incubation techniques, identification of the larvae, logistics, legalities etc. We have a few successful inoculations to date, internationally. Finding that most who seek a donation are keen to incubate as well.
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